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This is top of everyone’s list of questions.

The answer is each case is different, and the majority of work is carried out on an hourly rate, so is based upon how much work is involved and how much communication we have.

On the financial aspect, cases progress in different ways, such as mediation, voluntary methods through lawyers, or arbitration.


Costs will be affected by various factors including what route to settlement you choose, how complex your assets are, whether you need reports undertaken by other professionals (eg. house valuations, pension reports, tax reports, etc), how cooperative the other party is, and how realistic both parties are in terms of outcome.

Generally court proceedings will involve the highest costs both financially and emotionally, and should be a last resort where other methods are not working.

I will provide costs estimates which will be a range, once I know more about how your case may proceed, and I will invoice regularly.

TOD Family Law Costs Charges

There are also options as to how much you involve your lawyer to keep costs down, and sometimes I support clients with background advice, and then the final drafting of an order.

It can be expensive to get married, but at least you have (usually!) a wonderful day and it is money you want to spend.


It is also expensive to get divorced and to get a financial order, sometimes a similar cost (or more) to a wedding, and the only thing you get at the end is the ability to move on with a clear division of finances.

Fixed charges

I currently offer fixed fee divorce subject to terms and conditions. This is for a straightforward divorce where the other party acknowledges the proceedings and does not defend.


This does not include the costs of dealing with financial remedies.

I will send the terms & conditions for this service to anyone considering this.

In appropriate cases I can offer a 1.5 hour fixed fee telephone consultation where we will discuss all aspects of your case (divorce, finances and children), possible outcomes, and possible routes to settlement. Included with this is a written document afterwards to confirm what we discussed.


This is mostly beneficial where you already have a good broad knowledge of the family finances, including property, mortgages, capital, liabilities and income.

To get in touch and discuss your needs further, please click here

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